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In a jazz player's jihad they set forth to pursue the opportunities of dry milk. The kindly, old gentleman scoffed at what he saw, but wrote it off as folly. Yes, in a caterwaul of bagpipes and mandolins, of whistles and bells and even the occassional accordion, 'Before the Rain' had entered into being - The cacophony of sounds from the world around blazing into the universe like the scream of a banshee over a Bb7 with no third! It may not have been justice, but justice was served within the cackling modifiers that are unknown to man, but radiate from somewhere both far and near. Were they outcasts from heaven? Or ditch rats from hell!? The latter truth be told, ringing more truly of a jazz sound. 'Before the Rain' - the quick and the near. The pig-fed wanderers, the ape-like contusions. But it was all about the music - and the milk. Its always about the milk...

Oh, and they're also a band.

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